Origin Offers up ‘70% Off of Games You’ll Actually Play’

This Origin sale is such a fantastic screw you to Steam, it’s amazing. It’s called the Player Appreciation sale, but with that tagline attached, it’s impossible not to pay attention to it. What they should’ve done was call it the sick burn sale, because that’s a fantastic line and all too true. The big gimmick with this sale is nothing on sale is brand-spanking new, but it’s all crazy-cheap and in the case of Battlefield 3, it’s free. There are a ton of things on sale, so here are the highlights:

  • Mass Effect 2 -$6
  • Mass Effect 3 – $6
  • The Sims 3 – $6
  • Dragon Age: Origins – $6
  • Dragon Age II – $6
  • Mirror’s Edge – $6
  • Bulletstorm – $6
  • Alice: Madness Returns – $6
  • The Saboteur – $6
  • Dead Space 2 – $6
  • Dead Space 3 – $6
  • Dead Space 3: Awakened – $3
  • Spore – $6

Everything on here is worth playing if you’re into its respective genre, although it is worth nothing that the PC versions of the Mass Effect games lack gamepad support. If you’re looking to turn some of your physical console stuff into purely digital on PC with a new setup purchase then you’ll definitely want that info, as it can be a deal-breaker if you don’t like keyboard and mouse support. It’s a shame the definitive editions of the games weren’t offered up in this sale, but even for the base games, you can’t beat some of these prices. Origin also makes it very easy to make the transition from going physical to digital thanks to its use of giant cover art thumbnails which Steam would greatly benefit from having as well.