EA Sports UFC Demo Released on Xbox One

The demo for EA Sports UFC is now available on the Xbox One. Checking the PS4’s storefront showed that it wasn’t on there yet, so it will likely go live whenever PSN updates on Tuesday. Until then, all Xbox One owners can check out this 2.77 GB demo and play as either Jon Jones or Alexander Gustafsson. This is the first game with the UFC license from EA, and marks the debut of yet another new MMA game engine. With the bar set so high based on the Undisputed series and EA MMA from a few years ago, EA UFC has some big shoes to fill. Before much was shown about the game, I did a history of MMA games feature, so if you want to get hyped up about the full game after checking out the demo, give that a look. There’s a lot of interesting information there, and there will likely be a sequel piece for that coming out shortly thanks to some recent game acquisitions and information obtained after that piece’s initial release.