PlayStation Vita Pets Launch Trailer Is All About Adventure

If you have a child or a helmet rockin’ adult at home, PlayStation Vita Pets is — or should be — on your radar. After all, every kid should have a pet dog, and with modern attention spans shrinking, and children becoming less interested in scooping dog crap each day, the virtual alternative is proving advantageous.

The launch trailer, which boasts annoyingly smiley kids tinkering with a Vita, showcases what every Nintendogs owner has been begging for since its original release on the DS: adventure. The backyard prisons and fetch-toy mini-games are a thing of the past. Now, you can em-bark on a journey like a young, canine Indiana Jones, chock-full of puzzles, challenges and, hopefully, fun.

PlayStation Vita Pets, developed by Spiral House and published by Sony Computer Entertainment is available in North America for $19.99 on the PlayStation store. The game launches in Europe tomorrow, and will be available in both retail and digital forms.

Watch the trailer below: