Ultra Street Fighter IV New Video: Digital Upgrade Launch Trailer

Yesterday, Ed Boon and Warner Brothers announced Mortal Kombat X. In the battle for fighting game supremacy, Capcom has decided that it will not stand idly by and let MK take all the headlines this week, along with launching the title today, Capcom has now offered up several new screenshots and a brand new trailer for the upcoming Street Fighter sequel, Ultra Street Fighter IV, which will be coming out on the last-gen consoles and PC.

Here are the screens:

USFIV_Review_Screens_-_01 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_02 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_03 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_04 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_06 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_07 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_08 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_09 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_10 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_11 USFIV_Review_Screens_-_05

Here is the video:

In the trailer, we get to see many of the new characters and locations that we’ll all be playing as and cursing out online challengers with for the days to come.  I just hope this will be getting a port to the next-gen systems as well.