Coffee Stain Studios Change Batteries in Fire Alarm, Somehow Finds Time to Update Goat Simulator

No really, it’s true!  They must have changed the batteries in the fire alarm at least three times in the two months since Goat Simulator has been released.  Don’t believe it?  Check out the patch notes to see for yourself.  We wouldn’t make up something as majorly game-changing as that, and it’s kind of hurtful that you think we would.

The joke that became a meme that became a game received its promised update today, and in addition to the general silliness found in the update notes the game itself more than doubled in size.  A brand-new area to explore and create havoc in is the star of the show, but the goats have a new wall-running ability, there’s several new special powers to find, the game itself is more stable and runs better, and in general there’s just a ton more Game in the game.  Ignoring the combo system and poking around for weird stuff alone is worth the price of admission, and finding new goats (and honorary goats) allows all sorts of ways to make even stranger stuff happen.  There’s a giant load of New in Goat Simulator 1.1, so if you think you’ve squeezed all the fun weirdness from the game already it’s worth heading back in for a second go-round.