Dying Light Gets a Fresh Trailer

After being delayed into 2015, news concerning the upcoming first-person survival-horror title Dying Light has been nonexistent. Today, Polish developer Techland, creators of the popular Dead Island and Call of Juarez series, has released a new trailer for its new parkour-infused zombie IP:

In easily the most captivating footage of Dying Light revealed so far, we get more background on the narrative and witness some new gameplay footage. The trailer, narrated by a charismatic European gentleman, indicates that the game’s story will revolve around a survivor who is being forced to abandon his morals in order to survive. The gameplay shown focuses heavily on parkour, which we’ve known, and unique, brutal ways of killing the undead. Some of the highlights include using explosives to detonate vehicles, electricity-infused melee weapons, and brutal gunplay. The trailer also details how the game changes upon nightfall, showing Dying Light‘s incredible lighting effects and increasingly aggressive zombies.

Dying Light is currently set for a February 2015 release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.