Is Dead Rising 3 Heading to Steam?

It’s a big day for zombies. First, Dying Light get a new trailer, and it appears that Dead Rising 3 might be coming to Steam. NeoGAF features a thread citing a new Steam database entry for the game. Clicking through that entry shows the regular Dead Rising 3 startup art in thumbnail form with Dead Rising 3 on it. With MS partially funding the game and publishing it, a PC port would be a surprise to some degree, but the game has been out for six months now.

Anyone with an Xbox One who wants to buy Dead Rising 3¬†likely already has – especially with sales being offered for it fairly early on taking it into the $35-$40 range. Releasing the game on PC this year would give the game a second set of sales and it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see this officially announced at E3. The timing of the release date would be interesting, although a one-year exclusivity window would make sense and put this at a November/December release. Since the zombie craze isn’t likely going to die off by then, it should do well if it’s got additional features and potentially better¬†graphics.