NG:DEV.TEAM Announces New Neo Geo MVS Game, Razion

Ah, the power of a great platform. Even though we’re halfway through 2014, the Neo Geo remains alive and well. Case in point, NG:DEV.TEAM has today announced the release of Razion for MVS. The developer/publisher has put out several other Neo Geo games including Gunlord, Fast Striker and NEO XYX. Razion is a horizontal shooting game that features 6 stages, 6 endbosses, 7 subbosses and 2 game modes — all rendered with 16-bit CGI graphics. The game will make full use of the console’s 1560 megabits and feature a full digitized stereo soundtrack, in-system software updates via USB port, custom made PCBs and a custom made cartridge shell.

The game is already available for pre-orders and will come in two flavors, a “Gamecenter Kit” with a box, marquee, instructions and the cartridge for 399,00 EUR ($542 US) and the “Shockbox LE + Gamecenter Kit for 449,00 EUR ($610),” which includes everything in the Gamecenter kit plus a Shockbox, two posters, soundtrack CD and stickers.

Razion will be released this Autumn. Check out the first footage of the game in action below: