51 Unbelievable DriveClub Details Released

A number of shocking details about Evolution Studios’ upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive DriveClub hit the Internet today, and sweet Mother of Mercy are they impressive. 51 facts about the socially connected driving simulator made their way onto Sony’s PlayStation Blog, with the vast majority of the details concerning the game’s impressive graphical prowess.

driveclub wheel

Here are some of the most mind-blowing tidbits:

  • NASA data was used to map the game’s star patterns, meaning that the night sky will be completely accurate at all times.
  • Every cloud has its own 3D model, meaning that the sun’s rays will diffuse realistically through each cloud based upon its density.
  • The game’s skies are uniquely generated before each playthrough.
  • Each area has a 200 kilometer draw distance; the landscape takes into effect the curvature of the Earth.
  • Certain tracks have over 1.2 million individual trees.
  • Spectator outfits change according to the weather.
  • Anisotropic lighting is used to highlight every thread of carbon fiber in a given surface.
  • The standard polygon count for a DriveClub car is 260,000.
  • Load times will be no more than fifteen seconds at any given point.

DriveClub’s insane visuals will grace your eyeballs on October 21st, 2014.