Forza Motorsport 5 Drops to $1.99 at Walmart

Well, this is a fantastic deal. Forza 5 has dropped to the shockingly low price of $1.99 at Walmart. Yes, you read that correctly: Forza 5 — as in the latest Forza — for Xbox One. That’s right, for the price of two McDoubles, you can own arguably the best looking racing game currently on the market. No word on what spurred this deal (or if it’s a possible pricing error), but it can be ordered with no problems at the moment.

Note that this is for a download card containing a code to redeem the full game and not a boxed copy. But it’s two dollars so, you know, go buy it.

UPDATE [6/5 10:58 PM PST ]: Unfortunately, it looks like the game has already sold out. We’ll keep you updated if it goes back in stock.