Insurgency Reinforces Community With Full Steam Workshop Support

New World Interactive recently announced that their successful, team-based online shooter, Insurgency, will now be utilizing full support of the Steam Workshop. This will allow for the community itself to share their own custom game theaters, maps, skins, audio packs and then some.

In honor of this fantastic addition to the title, they are offering a week-long deal of 33% off, bringing the game (usually retailing at $14.99) to an even more tempting price of $9.99.

Between this new addition and the deal, expect for the game to see a fresh surge of players for at least the next few weeks. Players who may have dropped off of the game a bit now have something entirely new to try out, as well as new players who may have been on the fence might now just have their reason to give this one a shot. We here at Hardcore Gamer recommend you do.

New World Interactive even provided a new trailer for the title, so you can check that down below.