Natsume Reveals JRPG for Wii U

Amidst all the news today of various studios unveiling which games they will be bringing to, and subsequently showing off, at next week’s E3, niche developer Natsume threw their hat into the ring revealing several games they will be showing off at the conference. While Natsume released information earlier this week about their upcoming Harvest Moon installment, The Lost Valley, they have announced that they will also be bringing the Kemco-published mobile JRPG, Alphadia Genesis, to the Wii U eShop sometime in the future. This is noteworthy news in that the Wii U is currently a little RPG starved, especially Japanese roleplaying games. Sure, X and Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei will be hitting the system at some point (hopefully this year, Nintendo!), there simply aren’t a lot of options available right now for Wii U gamers wanting their JRPG fix.

Nevertheless, for those in the know, Alphadia Genesis was released on mobile devices earlier this year and was met with both fan and critical praise. As a more by-the-numbers ode to the Japanese roleplaying titles of yesteryear, Alphadia gained quite a name for itself within the mobile community upon its release. Recognizing its sleeper-greatness, Natsume has now snatched the game up. Right now, they haven’t released any further details, however, they did say that folks can expect more news on the game during next week’s E3. In the meantime, scope the trailer below for a look at what to expect from the title.