Cross-Dressing Discouraged In Tomodachi Life

Remember the news about Tomodachi Life and it’s lack of same-sex relations? Well, it seems your friendly little Miis don’t quite appreciate donning the opposite genders clothing, either. While they don’t disallow the action completely, it’s discouraged by a generic sound effect, and a disappointed Mii shaking its head.

With Tomodachi Life’s central theme revolving around various characters and their relationships, it’s surprising how limited the options are in the grand scheme of its design. While certainly understandable in Japan, given its customs, the western release could have benefited greatly from including the many different lifestyles we’ve come to know and love.

It’s not an entirely surprising omission, though. I, for one, wouldn’t appreciate someone dressing me in any sort of girly outfit. That’s something I only do when Goodbye Horses shuffles into play. Here’s hoping the next iteration is more accepting of the world we live in today.