Gravity Crash Ultra Hitting the Vita this July

Just Add Water has announced that the definitive edition of its coloful top-down shooter Gravity Crash will be available on the PlayStationVita Store this July. The port will be titled Gravity Crash Ultra and feature improved visuals and gameplay locked at the all-important 60 frames-per-second (you hear that Watch Dogs?!).

A third player ship has been added to the original game, meaning that another, easier difficulty level will enter the mix. Both the menu system and the soundtrack will be given a significant remix, so those who have played the original Gravity Crash will not simply be playing the exact same game twice. All of the mission editing and sharing features of its predecessor will still be a part of the Vita iteration, allowing players to undertake almost five years of extra missions (yes, you read that correctly).

The Vita, with one of the greatest D-pads of all time and twin analog sticks,  is the perfect platform for top-down shooters. Let the phenomenal handheld indie support continue!