Groove City, A Sort of Sequel To Electronic Super Joy, Dances Its Way On To Steam Today

Electronic Super Joy was a nifty little platformer that we were pretty big fans of, and it was a fast paced, brutal platformer in the same vein as Super Meat Boy. Today, Groove City is making its way to Steam, and it is being billed as a mini-sequel to Electronic Super Joy. The game promises fifteen new levels culminating in an epic boss fight and six new tracks you can groove to. And if the plot summary over on the Steam page doesn’t get you excited, you should probably check with your doctor to make sure you aren’t already dead on the inside.

“A Giant Robot Stripper called JoJo has smashed Groove City! She’s angry because Dr Swinger stole her Laser-Nipples! Help JoJo reclaim her Laser-Nipples & defeat the Evil Plans of Dr.Swinger, with the help of Pope Boris the Super Sexy!”

Sure, that reads like a Mad-Libs you put together after drinking a full gallon of paint, but that’s what makes it good. You can pick up the game at Steam beginning at noon on June 6 for $4.99 with 15% for launch. Check out the launch trailer below, and keep an eye out for our review.