Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV Will Not Be at E3

In a recently translated interview with Famitsu, Square Enix’s Shinji Hashimoto revealed perhaps the most disappointing E3 news we’ve received thus far. The two most anticipated Square Enix titles, Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV will not be featured at this years Electronic Entertainment Expo.


In regards to Kingdom Hearts III, a game that will likely be released in 2016 or 2017, Hashimoto stated:

We are are working diligently on KH3, but I think releasing new information will still take some time. We included a small part regarding the story of KH3 In the new trailer KH 2.5 prepared for E3 2014, so please check that out.

This news is nowhere near as shocking as the revelation that Final Fantasy XV will be conspicuously absent from E3, as the next iteration of the wildly popular JRPG series has been in development since 2006. It seems as though we will have to wait until later events to find out more information on the highly anticipated sequel, according to Hashimoto:

So when we were going over our promotion plans, we judged that this year’s E3 would not be the best time to exhibit information about FFXV. Instead we are currently planning to exhibit new information at events after E3 2014. I am extremely grateful to all the fans who excitedly anticipate FFXV, and I’m looking forward to share new information when the timing is right. I would appreciate if fans hold out until then.

It seems as though the stage is set for an interesting Square Enix press conference, as they do have to talk about something. Could this indicate that Tomb Raider 2 and Bravely Second news is on the way?