PlayStation 4 is ‘Where The Greatest Play’

Earlier today, Sony announced their latest marketing slogan following the brilliant “greatness awaits” campaign. “Where the greatest play,” while certainly a bold statement, has its purpose in Sony’s promotional push toward console dominance. With over 7 million PS4’s in the living rooms, bedrooms — and thanks to the PornHub app — bathrooms of fans, there’s a reason the company believes it’s the platform of choice.

Guy Longworth, senior vice president of PlayStation brand marketing, made his bold statements with confidence on the PlayStation blog. “We want to show you our lasting dedication to bringing the best gaming experiences right to you. Because PlayStation really does have the greatest fans, and we believe PlayStation is where the greatest play.”¬†With a growing user base, an increasingly attractive lineup of games, and a new marketing campaign, Sony seems keen on proving its place at the top.

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