New Mega Evolutions Revealed Along with More Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Details

There has been satisfying news revealed in the Pokémon universe today. Ever since Mega Blaziken was revealed in early August of 2013, trainers wondered where the other generation 3 Mega starters were. The absense of Mega Swampert and Mega Sceptile has spawned many fan creations and speculations, and today, CoroCoro Magazine has revealed the real deals.

Mega Sceptile gains a new typing, becoming the first and only Grass/Dragon Type. With its new ability Lightning Rod, Mega Sceptile just may find a niche in Double and Triple Battles. Ice may be it’s 4x weakness, but we still think he’s cool. The new hulking Mega Swampert retains its typing, and gains the helpful Swift Swim ability to double its poor speed stat in the rain. These new Mega Evolutions are guaranteed to shake up online play with new strategies and threats.

Mega Gardevoir, step aside. Unexpectedly, Diancie’s Mega Evolution form has been unveiled, and it is dressed to the nines. Not much is known about the mysterious Diancie, and the curiosity only continues. But it’s surprising to see a Pokémon that is unobtainable at the moment receive an evolution.

Not to be left out, the poster children for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire have been explained. We all knew they looked different on the cover artwork, and it turns out the behemoth and leviathan legendaries of generation 3 have gotten a twist on Mega Evolution called Primal/Prehistoric/Primeval Groudon and Kyogre. What makes these two different is the fact that they’re being referred to as a regression named Ancient Devolution. This could make for an exciting new storyline.

In the gameplay department, we learn that The Acro and Mach bike make a return, to navigate Hoenn’s varying landscape. Team Aqua and Magma make their return as well, with updated designs. Team Aqua just got 10 times more badass. Fangirls can rejoice, because Steven Stone has gotten more spotlight – this time with his new Charizard X.

We’ll see a whole lot more as we get closer to October. But there’s already a lot of connections between X & Y and Alpha & Omega, we can’t wait for more!