1,001 Spikes Looks To Kill A Whole New Group Of Gamers By Coming To Xbox One

Our thumbs still haven’t quite recovered here at Hardcore Gamer thanks to the beating we received from the PlayStation 4 version of 1,001 Spikes. The game had previously also received a release on just about every modern platform you can think of, including the Wii U, Steam, Vita, and the 3DS. The lone console safe from its murder frenzy up to this point had been the Xbox One, something that will be shortly remedied. Coming this Tuesday, June 10, 1,001 Spikes will be making its way to the Xbox One to try and satiate its lust for your failure. This platformer is an excellent treat for any fans of the genre out there looking for a real challenge, so if you somehow happen to only have an Xbox One it is definitely worth getting excited for.