Alshon Jeffery Robbed; Richard Sherman Voted To Appear on Cover of Madden 15

When Electronic Arts announced Madden 15 earlier this year, they also made the promise of allowing fans to select which player appeared on this year’s cover. The first round was marred by controversy when the outstanding wide receiver for the Chicago Bears, Alshon Jeffery, was robbed of a victory by little known Seattle cornerback Richard Not-Alshon-Jeffery. I say this not as a bitter Bears’ fan and probably the only person who voted (repeatedly) for Alshon Jeffery, but as a…well, okay, pretty much just a bitter Bears’ fan. I was so disheartened I sort of tuned out until the finals, which featured a Richard Sherman versus Cam Newton matchup, two huge stars in the league known for their playmaking potential, ability to turn games around, and for not being Alshon Jeffery. Still, two worthy finalists.

Sherman ended up prevailing, defeating Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, Jimmy Graham, and (sigh) Alshon Jeffery along his way to victory. Madden 15 will be available late August in both North America and Europe, the cover of which will be graced by Sherman. He probably deserves it, being an incredible cornerback, one of the best defensive players in the league, and a critical component to the defense that absolutely stomped the Broncos in the Super Bowl this year. Sherman will now get to be the cover athlete and hope to avoid the ramifications of the Madden curse.

…you know, maybe it’s a good thing Jeffery lost.