E3 2014: Batman Arkham Knight Shown Off; Batmobile Blows Stuff Up, Is the Star of the Show

So, we all knew Rocksteady coming back to the helm of the Arkham series was going to be just pure gold. Well, now that we’ve seen some in-depth footage of what to expect from the title, it seems safe to assume that Arkham Knight is indeed going to be the culmination of the franchise. The latest trailer showed off a variety of gameplay, from Batman swooping through the city, to taking down guards in typical bone-crushing fashion, and of course, the Batmobile. Oh sweet Odin’s beard, that Batmobile. I mean, it was just blowing up all the things.

From the look of it, Rocksteady was right on the money when they mentioned that the Batmobile would be more than just a means of traveling the city; in the video, it looked to serve that purpose, yes, but the ability to turn it into a death-dealing tank seemed nothing short of spectacular. Outside of that, Arkham Knight simply looked like more of the same, but with beautiful vistas and enhance mechanics. Oh, and the Scarecrow made a showing. He looked crazy. Which is awesome. They’ll be exclusive PS4 missions concerning him.

Oh, and did we mention that the city itself looked insanely huge? Yeah, because, it was huge. Like, really huge.

…And the Batmobile shot a grappling hook. That’s just cool.