E3 2014 : Battlefield Hardline Open Beta Coming in Fall For PC, Xbox Consoles, and PlayStation Consoles

The mad dash to EA’s site to gain access to the Battlefield Hardline beta made the Hardline site impossible to log into for a little bit. Fortunately, once the log jam eased up, folks could sign up. Doing that for the PS4 and PC versions of the beta showed that you’d get some exclusive gear in the game, including a dog tag, while signing up for an Xbox platform or the PS3 promised a surprise. EA delivered on that tease with the news that while the closed beta is PS4 and PC-only, an open beta will be released this fall on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStatation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. This allows folks who miss out on the closed beta to have a chance to enjoy at least a portion of the game at no cost to them and gain some exclusive content in the full game as well.