E3 2014: EA Launches Battlefield Hardline Beta Today on PS4

Battlefield Hardline is a game that didn’t really come as a surprise to Battlefield fans thanks to an unexpected trailer leak. However, the official reveal was saved for today. During a fairly long gameplay demonstration, Battlefield Hardline showcased a great deal of spectacle alongside stealing and getting away with loot.

The big news from EA’s conference was that fans will be able to get into Battlefield Hardline’s beta starting today on PC and PS4. PC players can use the website to register. Or, try grabbing access via PlayStation 4, where Battlefield 4 owners can cue up a download of the beta. You’ve gotta admire the cajones on EA, dropping a Beta the same day as they announce it. It’ll be interesting to see if this pays off and builds hype for their upcoming cops and robbers FPS.