E3 2014: From Software Reveals Next Game, Bloodborne

As if From Software’s next game really needs any kind of introduction. Nevertheless, we will give it one all the same. It’s been talked about now for a few days that the next title, from the developer known for their heralded classics Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls would be shown off at E3 this year; thus, it’s easy to understand then why the game we were calling Project Beast received some serious cheers and applause when it was shown off at tonight’s press conference. While the 2-ish minute video did not show off any actual gameplay, we did get an excellent CG trailer, detaling the world, atmosphere and tone the title will be going for — which, by the way, is of course dark, gritty, and all sorts of violent.

Aside from, we also got a name: Bloodborne. According to the montage, Bloodborne will hit PS4 sometime in 2015; no firm release date or window was given other than that.