E3 2014: GTA V is Coming to PS4, PC, Xbox One This Fall

As someone who has been waiting to play Grand Theft Auto V on a next-gen consoles, I am outrageously pleased to announce that Rockstar’s mega-hit is coming to the PlayStation 4 this fall. After showing a fully in-engine trailer, the folks at Sony let us know that our wait has not been in vain. The game will sport online cross-save functionality with its PS3 counterpart (no word on the cross-save campaign functionality) and likely will fully support Trophy Incest (as the PS4 version will have its own set of trophies, if Sony makes the logical choice). If you’re not obsessed with trophies, the game is also coming to Xbox One and, to make modders happy, PC.

This announcement makes the year of waiting completely worth it, as those of us who felt the port was coming can finally rest easy.