E3 2014: LittleBig Planet 3 Revealed For PlayStation 4

Sony’s press conference got a family-friendly dose of gaming today about mid-way through with the reveal of LittleBig Planet 3 on the PS4. Sackboy is being joined by two new friends – Toggle and Oddsocks! The added characters take LBP from a platformer into more of a puzzle-platformer akin to the Last Vikings, which means we’ll likely be seeing a ton of Lost Vikings remakes in the game from fans. This presentation was notable for having more live gameplay than anything else showed tonight, which meant it dragged on a bit and didn’t quite work out as planned with the devs/players not always doing what they wanted to. It added a bit of unintentional comedy to things, and breathed some life into the presentation which went on a bit too long at points. No release date was announced, but it seems logical that a holiday season release.