E3 2014: Mass Effect 4 Concepts Revealed, Bioware Edmonton Working on New IP

The EA Conference showcased a little bit of one of the most anticipated sequels in the history of the industry today, unveiling several conceptual prototype screenshots of Mass Effect 4.  During the video, Mass Effect’s producer, Casey Hudson, mentioned that the Bioware Montreal team (who worked on the multiplayer aspect of Mass Effect 3) is working on the next iteration of the greatest space saga since Star Wars, however, the Bioware Edmonton team would not be involved as they are working on a new IP which I guess we will hear about at another point in time.  One thing to note is that Commander Shepard was on screen, but whether or not he’ll be a part of the new game has yet to be revealed.

Screenshots from the video:

As we hear  more on this, we’ll be sure to post it first here.