E3 2014: The Crew Closed Beta in July, Release in November

The Crew was unveiled last year, and we got to see more of it during Ubisoft’s conference today, an MMO that allows you to drive from one coast of the country to the other without a single loading screen, joining up with your friends to start your own “crew”, as it were, of racers, with a sort of fast & furious vibe.  The trailer they showed today displayed just one of the 2-hour long missions that allows you to go from one end of the country to the other.

Off-road vehicles are going to be a part of the game as well, allowing you to drive around mountains.  There is also a “Route 909” battle tournament being held and the finals will be on Twitch later this month.

Closed beta opens on July 23, at www.thecrewgame.com/beta, and launches worldwide on November 11th.