E3 2014: The Division Trailer is Artistic, Heartbreaking and Restores Faith in Humanity

We got a glimpse of multiplayer action earlier in the show during the Microsoft conference. But Ubisoft just rolled footage for the game’s official trailer. It starts around Christmas and flows through a time elapsed look at a family’s home. The virus is threatening to take their little girl, we see medication slowly depleting and the lumps under her bed sheet disappear; all that’s left is an imprint of where her body once lied.

The trailer goes outside to a snow-covered street. Blood and footprints make tracks leading to a soldier. A man is scared for his life by the soldier until his hand is extended to help him to his feet. The two know they need each other to survive this new, decomposing world that once was New York City.

It offers a stark contrast in tone to the multiplayer footage we viewed earlier. In that, jokes were made and laughter was heard. But in single player mode, only crying and fear filled the city. It will be interesting to see if the artistic approach to the trailer will be found elsewhere in the game and if the tone will differ greatly in-game.