E3 2014: Ubisoft Reveals Rainbow Six: Siege

Ubisoft closed out their E3 press conference with a showcase on a home invasion-involving FPS. The team-based approach led folks to believe it would be a new entry in the long-dormant Rainbow Six series and sure enough, it is! Rainbow Six: Siege takes things from massive skyscrapers and casinos to the home, and it definitely makes you care about the well-being of the hostage. In the case of the alpha-based footage shown tonight, you see that she’s got a house and it is just being destroyed. She’s in panic mode, but doesn’t seem to be doing anything to deserve this. You want to help her, but she’s overcome with emotion and faints – you need to heal her in real-time while all sorts of craziness goes on. You’ve got enemies shooting at you, but not just through doors – through holes made in the wall! This game is going to be crazy, and the high level of interactivity with the in-game world should make it one of the most immersive FPS games ever released.