E3 2014: Insomniac Fakes Out the World with Sunset Overdrive

What appeared to be a trailer for an upcoming military shooter turned out to be a hilarious introduction to Xbox One’s exclusive insanity-shooter Sunset Overdrive. As a soldier in full camoflauge was shooting at a number of mysterious masked villains (leading viewers to believe that they were going to see Battlefield: Hardline footage), the camera panned over to reveal Insomniac’s logo. After the main character of Sunset Overdrive broke through the door and mocked the soldier’s cover mechanics, he preceded to introduce himself and the wonderful world of Sunset City. Do not fret, Fizzie fans: the giant purple Fizzie balloon we’ve come to know and love appeared in the introduction trailer as well.

Sunset Overdrive will be exploding into your hands on October 28th.