E3 2014: Powers Announced as PlayStation Original Series – Plus Users Get Series For Free

Powers has made a name for itself on the comic scene for telling a gripping story about a real world with superheroes and tackling how we would actually react to them being in the world. Today, it was announced that Powers will be the first PlayStation Original series. With the success of Orange is the New Black proving that new media-based TV shows can be high-quality even after the relative failure of Arrested Development. Given the ambitious nature of the book, the show is going to have to be very good to do justice to the source material. As a way to spread the word about the show, the first episode of Powers will be free for all PSN users. To further make PS+ an unbeatable value, all PS+ users will be able to view the entire series for free. While it does seem odd to see Sony hype up a TV show one year after the TV-heavy Microsoft conference at E3, at least it’s an original show that they’re getting behind and not existing TV content. If it does well, it could lead to more comic properties hitting the service. Scott Pilgrim as an animated show would make sense, and be a perfect fit on a gaming platform.