E3 2014: PS4 Youtube App Coming Later This Year – Includes Instant Uploading

The PS4’s video-sharing and streaming allowed people who otherwise wouldn’t have been able to finally share their gameplay with the world. The system is also the only one on the market today without a Youtube channel. Today, we got some word as to why – they’ve waited to do it better than anyone. Later this year, the PS4 will get a Youtube app that goes beyond anything seen on a console so far. With the press of a button, you can log in and instantly upload saved clips to your Youtube channel. While very few details were announced, it seems reasonable to presume that it will come with similar restrictions as the regular Share button functionality does – you probably won’t be able to stream story parts for Let’s Plays, but if you’re like me and love to share your MMA fights and wrestling matches, it should be perfect for you. Only a handful of games have had Youtube-uploading functions, so it’s great to see it now possible for every game on the system.