E3 2014: Advanced Warfare mum on multiplayer

The latest expansion pack for Activision’s military MMO Call of Duty continued its showing at E3 by dropping soldiers into South Korea, starting a new trend of social commentary by the series … wait … yeah.

I can’t help but feel they’re titling themselves into a corner with this. Modern Warfare to Advanced Warfare, then what? Advanced Modern Warfare? Moderner Warfare? More Advanced Warfare? There’s a reason Rocksteady didn’t continue their Batman games with “Arkham World” or anything of the like.

Regardless, the weapons and equipment on display in the new Call of Duty are impressive and imaginative, with things like 3D printed weapons and walking tanks, all of which the developers claim “are in production today,” which means they’re at least conceptual.

It was strange for the gameplay footage to focus on the campaign gameplay with a game as multiplayer-focused as Call of Duty, but the developers were notably mum on that popular aspects. Call of Duty’s shooting competition at E3 was noticeably only multiplayer-focused, with Battlefield: Hardline showcasing two new modes and Rainbow Six: Siege featuring advanced tactical shooter gameplay.

Although, they did confirm that Advanced Warfare would in fact have multiplayer. Thanks for lifting that veil.