E3 2014: Counterspy is Cold War Cool

Counterspy, developer Dynamighty’s debut title, is a side-scrolling stealth-shooter set in an alternative cold-war period. Creative director David Nottingham described it as “a mix of The Incredibles and James Bond”, and that sounds pretty awesome to us.

Counterspy tasks you with stealthily infiltrating enemy headquarters and thwarting their plans in a number of ways, which include stealth take-downs and silenced headshots. But the 2D perspective changes when you take cover, switching to a third-person view that morphs the game into more of a cover-based shooter. The environments are deftly detailed and the whole game oozes style, and with procedurally generated levels Nottingham claims that ” even when you finish the game, when you play it again you’re going to get a different experience”. Creeping up behind enemies before blowing their heads off looked like fantastic fun, and it’s clear the developers have been careful not to take themselves too seriously.

Although originally intended to release on PS3 and PS Vita, Dynamighty has embraced the arrival of the PS4 to create an even better version of Counterspy. Indeed, the PS4 version enjoys 1080p visuals and is expected to maintain 60 FPS when the game launches this summer. Best of all, Counterspy supports cross-buy, which means buying the game on one platform will get you the other two versions as well. Look out for this PlayStation exclusive title when it launches in the near future. It might just sneak up on you.