E3 2014: Destiny Alpha Competitive Multi-Player Revealed

Today, Bungie was on the Samsung stage and showed off their extremely popular upcoming FPS Destiny. Not only was Destiny in-game footage shown, but actual in-game competitive multiplayer Alpha footage was displayed. The dev mentioned multiple times that the most important factor in Destiny is wins and losses and they concentrated heavily on that. The Alpha will be made available to those who are lucky enough to be chosen, beginning Thursday 12 June. If you are interested in signing up for chance to play the Alpha, check it out here. destiny2 The Alpha will only be available for PS4 players right now. The Dev did mention that when the Beta goes live on 17 July, that will be expanded to PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Even while playing competitive multiplayer, you can search the maps for treasure, loot, and even search for friends. It was confirmed that Destiny will not have split screen. The Alpha will however,  include vehicles that can be utilized. Character customization and custom load-outs will also be introduced in the alpha. Shooting your opponent is not the only goal in multiplayer. There will be owning territory goals which will even be present in the Alpha gameplay. Players will be able to build their character up to Level 8 but when the full game is released in September, the levels will go far beyond that. Destiny looked great, and you can see from what the Bungie devs are telling us, Destiny is going to rely heavily on Teamwork.