E3 2014: Devil’s Third – The Wii U Exclusive You’ve Been Waiting For

Shortly after the Nintendo E3 Digital Event ended today this game started making the rounds throughout E3, and while it seems overly-ambitious, this hybrid of a third-person/first-person shooter with hack-n-slash and brawler elements truly does bring its A game, and shows the kind of amazing game that a third party developer can build on the WiiU.

Led by world famous designer Tomonobu Itagaki out of Valhalla Studios, this game is all about over-the top badassery.  The story follows the most badass badass who has ever baddassed.  You are Ivan, a ex-cold war refugee in a world where technology has died, and simple infantry tactics rule the world.  Through ranged combat, swordplay, and melee, you’ll be taking out neo-terrorists groups across the country on the single player campaign.


The multiplayer dials the crazy up to 11 with modes that involve throwng fruit into a blender and stopping the enemies from throwing their fruit into the blender, as well as chasing down an enemy who has a trail of rainbow-colored chickens following him.  These multiplayer modes are all designed to gain control of a region for your faction, divided by 13 regions across the US that are customized by the area, for example, if Montana is in your region, you have access to cowboy hats that maybe someone in New York wouldn’t, etc.

The WiiU Gamepad will be used primarly as a battlefield communication device in both the single player and mulitplayer modes as you may have AI allies to command at times.

Look here for more information on this unique title in the future, no release date has been set as of yet.