E3 2014: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Announced For PS4 and Xbox One

Final Fantasy Type-0 received a ton of acclaim in Japan, but also attracted some controversy when news came out that Square-Enix was sitting on a translation and yet the PSP-original never got released. This led to a fan translation being started up, and in a surprising move, the release originally set for August was released just before E3. This led to rumors swirling that the game would finally see an official release, but no one quite expected this. Everyone thought maybe it would get a Vita release. Instead of that, the game will be getting an HD remaster akin to what Final Fantasy X and X-2 recently received. Type-0 was already a stunning game on the PSP, but now it shines like never before with greatly-increased detail levels in character models and the environments. If you loved Crisis Core on the PSP, this is basically an expanded version of that with an action-heavy setup that might be a little jarring for those used to the slower-paced JRPG style that the franchise is known for.