E3 2014: Homefront: The Revolution Revealed

As Ethan Brady, an oppressed US citizen, you’ll become a revolutionary. Guerrilla warfare will be your main course of action here. You’ve got gunplay, obviously, but will also rely on things like molotov cocktails to survive. If you want to get creative, you can even use an RC car to draw some attention. The game takes place in Philadelphia, a setting we don’t usually see in a game, but it will have a much different overall look due to it being overthrown by the KPA. Single-player and up to four-player co-op is available to topple the campaign. The game is set for release in 2015 on the Xbox One, PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux. As someone who enjoyed the original Homefront and didn’t regret buying an OnLive microconsole to get it, seeing the completely revamped graphics made me think that Crytek is finally going to make this the absorbing game that Homefront felt like it could have been at points. That game didn’t live up to its potential, but so far, its successor looks like it will.