E3 2014: Insomniac Aims to Make Armageddon Fun Again in Sunset Overdrive

Today, Sunset Overdrive had a bit of a developer’s commentary with Ted Price from Insomniac Games.  He talked a lot about freedom in the open-world game not just extending to environments. You choose your character’s gender, ethnicity, and overall look. What’s really cool is you can do this at any time in the game – much like Saints Row, but probably without the plastic surgery motif. Overdrive’s story revolves around an evil energy drink company that turns the world into a bunch of pseudo-zombies. Your character’s once-menial job as a janitor no longer matters due to the apocalypse that’s going on. Insomniac’s history with Ratchet and Clank is clearly being used for the rain-grinding, while that franchise’s weapon-crafting mechanic will also come into play. However, newer games like Borderlands have expanded what’s expected from that kind of mechanic. The shooting looks fantastic, with a smooth-moving reticle ensuring that you always nail what you want to and a bright look to everything that keeps it fresh. The game is due on October 28, so in just a little over four short months everyone can play this game for themselves and see if it lives up to the hype. Insomniac has delivered incredible stuff for well over a decade now, so there’s no reason to believe it won’t at least be a top-ten game on the Xbox One – hopefully a demo or beta allows folks to check it out for free beforehand to sell them on the full game.