E3 2014: Killer Instinct: Season 2’s TJ Combo Revealed!

Season two features TJ Combo and his iconic boxing ring stage. His old talktop has been traded in for a looser jersey which makes him almost look like a basketball player with the long shorts. His easy stick movements make him an ideal character to play as for beginners, or those who really love close-range fighting. TJ was one of the memorable characters from the original game, and the folks at Iron Galaxy are set to add seven more characters to the mix after TJ is released. Sadly, they’re not going to be releasing anymore information on the game today – instead choosing to allow folks at E3 to partake in a ton of TJ Combo action.

While that is great for the people there, everyone else is left in the lurch a bit as they’re talking about all of these characters and additions but not showing them. E3 is gaming’s biggest stage and it’s more than a little disappointing to see Iron Galaxy make such poor use of the opportunity afforded to them to hawk their wares. They came onto an already-fantastic project based on a license crafted by Rare in its prime and rebooted by Double Helix and all they had to do here was keep its momentum going. While I have no doubt that the content for season two will at least be really fun since I loved using TJ, they should’ve announced more than they did here. Hopefully it was just done to build up anticipation and not due to the other characters and revamped mechanics simply not being ready to show off yet.