E3 2014: MX vs. ATV: Supercross Revealed and Due in Q4 2014

The MX vs. ATV series has been dormant since Alive, but the recent addition of Reflex to a Humble Bundle might make people aware of it once again. It doesn’t doesn’t hurt that PS Now beta users can play Alive and check out the most recent entry. Nordic Games grabbed this from the ashes of THQ’s demise, and after the blatant cash-grab that was the DLC-laden Alive, they’re focusing on what made the series great before that. Supercross tracks were lean in Alive, but are going be fully-featured here with 17 tracks to choose from. You start off with 250cc bikes and then evolve to 450cc ones after a couple of seasons. Supercross marks the debut of first-person racing for the series. First person gives you a more immersive viewpoint, but you can’t see the terrain deform in real-time. This feature was pretty cool in Reflex when it debuted, and should be better than ever before now. The physics have been refined to allow you to get double the air on your jumps iff you jump in line with the track. The game is set for release in the fourth quarter of 2014, with DLC set to come out afterwards as a supplement.  Supercross’s price wasn’t revealed, but the devs promise to deliver a lot of value for the money – keeping it at the $40 price that Alive had would be smart though since the game really doesn’t look all that game, and its price will plummet like a stone in the ocean if it’s released at $60.