E3 2014: Nintendo Announces Project Guard

Project Guard has a fairly unique premise – much like being a security guard, you’ve got a slew of cameras to keep track of. Clearing five attacker robots will clear the stage. As enemies draw closer, you’ll get caution tape popping up for that camera meaning you’ll need to swiftly tap to that one to send it to the center screen to eliminate the enemies. In a bit of a twist, the Gamepad will be the primary way to view the game with the TV screen being used to find hidden ememies and take them out. You’ll want to do so quickly, since UFOs can swoop in and take your cameras. This is a very strange game and reminds me a lot of the early PS2 experimental games like Mr. Mosquito. With Nintendo’s pedigree, this should do much better than that ever did, but still scratch the itch of folks yearning for that early ’00s creativity now in a world populated by samey games.