E3 2014: Nintendo Shows Off Project Giant Robot on the Wii U

Shigeru Miyamoto appeared on the treehouse set to show off an upcoming game that you could only do on the Wii U – Project Giant Robot. While it’s great to see the return of the PGR initials in gaming, it’s a bit of a shame it won’t be used for a top-notch racing game. Instead, we’ll be getting a uniquely Japanese game that blends giant mechs with sumo wrestling. How? Simple – you control a giant robot as he faces another one, and the first to knock the opponent down wins. The Gamepad’s screen gives you a first-person view from your robot’s perspective, and it also lists the rather unique control scheme. The left stick controls the left arm, while the right stick controls the right arm and your own body’s movement in line with the Gamepad controls the upper body. L moves you back while R moves you forward – it’s a complicated setup, but one that does quickly make logical sense in your head. The customization options promise to be a blend of what you’d expect and some bizarre things you wouldn’t – the menu for customization looks nice and easy to use. Attack-wise, you’ll be able to punch and kick with each leg. Unfortunately, the E3 build only allows for punching – so it seems like they’re fine-tuning every mechanic one at a time for playable builds. This is a smart move as it ensures that the game is going to be at least well-crafted even if it’s in a limited form. There’s no firm release period for this, so don’t expect it at any point in 2014.