E3 2014: Nintendo Shows Off the Open World of Wii U’s Zelda

The news that Nintendo fans have been eagerly anticipating has finally arrived, as Nintendo has revealed the newest iteration of the Zelda franchise will hit the Wii U in 2015.

After showing some brief concept footage that highlights the incredible level of detail, insane draw distance, and high-quality particle effects, we were treated to a wonderful trailer that makes the Wii U look like a full next-gen console. Players will be able to enter any section of the world from any angle, meaning that this is the first true open world Zelda title. Link appears to be completely re-done, as our favorite hero is seen in a hat-free blue outfit. Futuristic weaponry seems to be a part of the newest, untitled Zelda game, as Link’s bow possesses unique laser effects. Fans who have been clamoring for a Skyrim-esque Zelda game have finally gotten their wish.