E3 2014: Skylanders: Trap Team Comes with Hundreds of Combinations

The last title from the toy/game series came out not too long and it had cool features allowing you to swap some body parts between characters. This new installment takes place immediately following the events of Swap Force where all of the worst villains in Skyland have escaped from prison. You’ll have to defeat and capture every single one.

New characters can be used as well as new items. Instead of placing the figures onto gamepads, you’ll be able to capture all those bad guys and use them for good instead of evil. Hence the title of the game. Every Skylander toy from every game will work; including every combination from Swap Force. They can then team up with villains from new Trap toys and switch between the heroes and villains to use in the game. Once you place a villain into the new Trap their data is written into the device. Each one is elementally aligned so you’ll probably need a few of each. broccoli

There are lots of details in the environment. Vivid colors, shadows of falling objects and even birds flying around just make this seem more than just a kids’ game. The quality, especially when played on PS4, is fantastic.

Skylanders: Trap Team will arrive on consoles on October 2 for Australia, the 5th for North America and the 10th in Europe. It will be out for 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.