E3 2014: Sunset Overdrive’s Multiplayer Gets a More Detailed Description

Yesterday, during Microsoft’s press conference, we found out that an eight-player multiplayer mode would be present in Sunset Overdrive. Today, Ted Price, Insomniac’s CEO, described the intriguing co-op gameplay in more detail.

Players will have the opportunity to vote on various, random missions in real time, meaning that no two experiences will be exactly the same. These branching multiplayer storylines will affect the insane, explosive final round, in which players are tasked with defending vats of Overcharge Delerium XT from hoards of incoming OD’d. Price also revealed that any rewards earned in Sunset Overdrive‘s multiplayer will carry over to the single-player campaign.

This news, combined with the reveal of an absolutely feature-packed open world, make Sunset Overdrive the most exciting Xbox One exclusive game of 2014.