E3 2014: Super Smash Bros. Wii U – Mii and “Smashlanders” as Playable Characters

Nintendo’s E3 Digital Event is just underway and the latest addition to the upcoming Smash Bros. title is the inclusion of your own personal Mii as a playable character, and the use of Nintendo’s figurine lineup known as “amiibo” that we’re affectionately referring to as Smashlanders (because let’s face it, amiibo is a horrible name) to introduce new characters as well.

Place your amiibo figurine on the WiiU gamepad and just like that, boom, he’s in the game.

Mario and Iwata

You’ll be able to set your fighter class as your Mii and create custom fighters to join the frey at any time using this method, with 36 total special moves based on the fighter class you set for your Miis.  More on this as it becomes available to us.