E3 2014: Tetris Ultimate Brings The Classic Puzzler To Modern Consoles

Though the actual numbers are a bit fuzzy, Tetris is widely accepted to be the highest selling video game in the history of the medium. Across several decades and dozens of systems encompassing consoles, handhelds, phones, computers, and even calculators, Tetris has endured. With the ubiquity the game has experienced, it’s hard to get too excited for a new installment, but nevertheless Tetris Ultimate is soon coming to PS4 and Xbox One.

Tetris is one of the very few games that has such purely brilliant design that it has become truly timeless. The game has barely changed over the past 30 years but still remains great. The development team at Ubisoft certainy understands this, as they’re primarily trying to implement the capabilities of modern consoles without destroying the core gameplay. The game includes many of the most revered modes featured in Tetris games of the past all with modern social features you’d expect of a 2014 puzzle game.


As we’ve seen with games like Trials and Geometry Wars, score chasing against a friends leaderboard can be an incredibly enticing and addicting aspect of score focused games, which makes the inclusion of these elements in Tetris Ultimate very intriguing. Tetris is one of the best score driven video games of all time, so adding that extra element of incentive to grab high scores could really add some longevity. Additionally, Tetris Ultimate also has more traditional head to head multiplayer and a less traditional power-up based battle mode.

Tetris is about as a timeless a game as you’ll find anywhere, but most people have also played it a fair amount already. Still, the addition of social elements, multiplayer, and a greatest hits lineup of game modes will likely be enough to make Tetris Ultimate a worthy installment in the series. Tetris Ultimate comes to PS4 and Xbox One this summer.