E3 2014: The Infinite ‘No Man’s Sky’ is the ‘Anti-MMO’

No Man’s Sky, arguably the most exciting game of E3, appears to be an endless adventure that players can enjoy forever. The procedurally-generated exploration game is absolutely mind-blowing for one reason in particular: its developers don’t even know its true scale.



Being that every inch of the No Man’s Sky universe is completely randomized, every player will have a completely unique experience. Sean Murray, the founder of Hello Games (the small team behind No Man’s Sky), noted that upcoming PS4 and PC title will contain no definitive story or explicit quests, instead allowing the play to go on whatever journey he or she wishes to embark upon. He noted that it’s technically possible for a player to fly through space for years, while some players may simply set up camp on a single planet and never leave. Everything is accessible, meaning that everything the player sees in the background can be fully explored. Noting that he took inspiration from Journey, Murray said that he wants players to have the ability to create their own stories, as No Man’s Sky is meant to be a distinctly individual experience. Though it does boast Journey-like multiplayer functionality, it is entirely possible to never see another player, as each person starts on his or her own planet at the edge of a given galaxy. Murray also stressed that this is not an MMO, but rather an “anti-MMO,” as players are spread apart rather than brought together.

While we don’t have a definitive release date for No Man’s Sky, it’s safe to say, based off of what we’ve seen, that its potential is just as infinite as its wonderfully beautiful universe.